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Don’t just look for any tax preparer this year to do your tax returns, come to One River CPAs, where you’ll have our expertise, competency, and excellent reputation behind your tax filings. Our clients choose us so they can sleep at night.

The team at One River CPAs knows that life is always changing. Different changes occur at different times in your life, from inheritance, marriage, divorce, birth, and college, to retirement and death. We realize that by getting to know you, we can help you manage your life changes. By looking a little harder and digging a little deeper, we better understand your situation. As part of the many personal tax services we offer, we work with you throughout the year, not just at tax time, to position you for the best possible tax outcome. Our goal is to be proactive in tax planning so you are not surprised at the end of the year.

Where do you go when you receive that IRS or state notice or find out you will be audited? One River tax professionals have had many years of IRS audit experience to assure the best possible outcome. Our experts will be here for you throughout the year, not just during tax season. We will properly handle any notices you receive, and we will represent you if necessary in case of an audit. We can host the audit right at our firm in either our Oakland or Bath locations.

At One River CPAs, our clients breathe a little easier and take comfort in knowing their returns are CPA reviewed. Anyone can plug numbers into a tax return. Our accountants know how to read your “return story,” what questions to ask, and how to help you take advantage of every possible tax deduction. Whether you are an individual with a family and a few investments, a college student, a family-owned small business », or a non-profit organization », we’ll take the stress out of tax time so you can focus on the things that are important to you. Come in to see how we can help you during a free consultation.

Our Tax Services Include:

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