Summer… The Best Time for Gardening, Boating, and Business.

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Marketing, Planning, Rewards

If You Want It To Grow, Water It.

Sweet summertime. It is the season where beaches are overflowing with sunbathers, BBQs are filling the air, flowers are blooming, and most of us have forgotten about the long, cold winter. It is also the time of year for accounting firms to reel in new clients and grow their business. Like a flower needs to be watered, a business needs to be tended to by its people.

Reapply Sunscreen.

Does everyone in the firm know and understand the services you provide and their value? If you’re a “full service” accounting firm, can your employees recite the services you offer to their clients? Summertime is a perfect opportunity to update and review the benefits of the services you offer with your staff; it’s kind of like reapplying sunscreen.

Fertilize and Grow Strong Roots.

The key to helping the garden grow is fertilization. It is the same with helping your staff grow professionally. Why not give them incentives to produce stronger roots with their existing clients and create new opportunities to expand their client base? For instance, it’s a sunny day, so why not take a client golfing or treat them to lunch? Doing so will strengthen the importance of continuing to meet and exceed client’s expectations. Develop a few ways to reward your staff for their efforts. Find out what motivates them and they’ll be more inclined to build their book of business. Just like vegetables in a garden, employees need opportunities to ripen.

Like a Ship, Take Different Channels.

A ship can navigate its way to the ocean by taking different channels. The captain needs to be aware of sea advisories, channel markers, and buoys. Like a boat, be mindful of how you’re maneuvering your way to current and potential clients. Look at your navigational chart. Are you taking the same route by setting up obligatory meetings at the office, sending emails, or making phone calls? How about taking a different channel or approach by inviting them to lunch, remembering their birthday by sending a card along some useful tax information that suits them, or ask them to join you at an outing such as a golf event. You might even batten down the hatches by grouping clients by commonalities in interests, industry, or needs. Whatever channel you choose, remember you’re the captain and you want to ensure your crew stays on board. Ahoy!

Melissa Sawyer, Marketing Manager