Nicklaus DeBlois

CPA and Senior Accountant

Nicklaus DeBlois
Nick joined the team in 2016. A Maine native, Nick lives in Brunswick with his wife Katy.

Before One River

Nick earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology with a minor in business administration from the University of Maine. After college he worked as a sales engineer, covering the Maine Territory for a custom panel fabricator and electrical distributor. Currently, he is focused on improving his tax and accounting knowledge to better help clients with their own unique situations.

At One River

As a Senior Accountant, Nick helps individuals and businesses with all their tax needs. Nick also assists businesses many facets of their accounting needs including bookkeeping, compilation, review, and audit engagements.

Besides One River

Nick’s Articles…

  • Remote Tax Preparation Gone E-Z (1/6/2021) - Today our clients are busier than ever. Some are juggling working a full-time job from home while homeschooling their children, others are on the front lines struggling to care for the sick, and others still are starting new jobs or battling unemployment. During these uncertain times, going to meet with a tax advisor is not […]
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  • Sole Proprietors’, Ever Consider Employing Your Children? (1/10/2020) - Whenever I visit a client’s office or family business, I often see young children coloring in the waiting room or solemnly asking when they might be allowed to go home. It is at these moments that I can’t help but to think of their future and the future of family businesses. I often wonder about […]
  • Is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Supporting the Decision to Have More Children? (11/20/2018) - Last winter Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in an effort to lower income taxes for virtually all taxpayers. As a result, most Americans are expecting larger refunds this spring. Supporters of the bill believe this will help improve the economy, while others believe it is fiscally irresponsible. Whatever your belief is, […]
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Contact Nick…

Q & A…

Why do you do what you do?

I really enjoy working with people and want to help make a difference in people’s lives. I have a passion for personal finance and small businesses and want to help them succeed. Working with One River CPAs will allow me to work with many different people and assist with their financial situations.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Generations before you have provided you with the many opportunities you have today, make the most of them.

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken…

When I was a child, we went to several Frozen Fours to watch some of the best college hockey teams in the nation compete. We were able to tour and experience many different cities around the U.S. at the same time. My favorite was visiting the twin cities in Minnesota, as the passion for hockey there is unlike many other places.

What is your favorite movie?


What is something people might not know about you?

I really enjoy reading nonfiction books, especially biographies. One of my favorite books is I Invented the Modern Age. It is about Henry Ford. One of my favorite authors is Simon Sinek.