Emily Cowan


Emily McKenneyBefore One River

Emily earned a bachelor’s degree from Thomas College in Waterville, Maine and holds her MBA as well. Along with serving as intern at One River CPAs, she coached softball and gave individual instruction in pitching and catching.

At One River

As a Staff Accountant, Emily works closely with other senior staff members of the firm, honing in on her talents regarding tax and accounting matters.


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Q & A…

What is your favorite movie?

The Choice. “Life is about decisions. Little, seemingly insignificant decisions that clear the road for monster truck life-altering ones.  You see, every path you take leads you to another choice, and some choices can change everything”

What is something people might not know about you?

I have a true passion for softball.  I was the pitcher for my high school team and went on to pitch one year at Thomas College. I couldn’t walk away from the game I love so I now give lessons to junior high and high school pitchers. I love teaching them and seeing the pride they have when they finally get it.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Getting my master’s degree.

Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken

When I was in high school my sophomore and senior year I had the opportunity to go to ESPN Wide World of Sports, in Florida, with my softball team.  We went for a week to complete spring training and we were able to play about 12 games in that time.  Softball was my favorite sport so it was great to have a week without school where I could just play with my team, and being in Florida with your best friends was also a great experience.  We got to go to Disney resorts and spend time together at the pool.  It was truly a vacation I will never forget.