Catherine J. Connolly

CPA, CFF, CFE, and Director of Forensic Accounting

Catherine J. Connolly

Joining the team in March 2020, Cathy provides hands-on experienced client service in the forensic accounting practice. She specializes in accounting-related investigations and litigation matters. Having grown up in Kittery, Cathy has returned to Maine after 25 years and resides in Freeport.

Before One River

Prior to joining, Cathy was a Partner at StoneTurn, founded in 2004, and led the forensic accounting practice for the West Coast. Cathy worked with the StoneTurn group for 14 years as part of the Boston and San Francisco offices. She has more than 25 years of forensic accounting, complex business litigation, and audit experience.

At One River

Cathy focuses on a variety of accounting-related forensic and litigation matters, including investigations of asset misappropriation and other financial fraud; improper financial reporting and financial statement restatements; internal controls remediation; merger and acquisition litigation disputes; contract and business interruption damages and other analyses for complex financial litigation matters; and various special audits and investigations.


Besides One River

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Contact Cathy…

  • Bath Office
  • 259 Front Street, Bath Maine
  • Email:
  • 207 371-8002 phone
  • 207 660-9158 fax

Q & A…

Why do you do what you do? 

Years ago I was lucky enough to know a few people who were making the transition from audit work to forensics, and their enthusiasm and guidance helped to start me down this path. I very much enjoy the ability to assist people with urgent and complex matters, to help navigate a client through and then be able to get back to business. 

What is the best advice you ever received?

From one of my first bosses: “There is always going to be more to do. Don’t think you’ll finish it all before the end of the day. So do what actually matters, then eventually what matters all gets done.”  This applies to so many life situations, not just work. 

Describe the best vacation you have ever taken? 

Counting butterflies for an Earthwatch project in Vietnam. Sounds strange, but was absolutely unforgettable. The team was from four countries and we all had to learn Latin names for different species of butterflies and moths. Many hilarious moments ensued! 

What do you do on April 16th? 

I guess I’ll show up to the office and wonder where in the world everyone disappeared to. 

What is something people may not know about you? 

About eight years ago, I decided to learn to row crew. What an experience that has been, glorious victories and terrible defeats amongst friends are great reminders to never stop looking for skills to learn, as they open up so much for us. 

What is your biggest accomplishment? 

Still to come!